Suffolk Cleaning Services is a full-service janitorial cleaning service company. We are available if you need an estimate at NO CHARGE. We provide specialty cleaning services for commercial and residential properties including floor maintenance, carpet maintenance and more. These services are also provided for anyone having move-in & move-out needs. Click the link to check out our move-in / move-out page for additional services offered for that specific need.


Our Specialty Services Cleaning Expertise:

Hard Floor Maintenance

  • -Preventative floor care
  • -Restorative floor care
  • -Specialty waxing floor care
  • -Hard & multi-surface floor care
  • -Routine floor care

Quality Carpet Maintenance

  • -Dry and wet shampoo
  • -Area rug cleaning
  • -Bonnet cleaning
  • -Upholstry Cleaning
  • -Carpet extractions

Additional Services

  • -Ceiling tile restoration
  • -Interior / Exterior window cleaning
  • -Building pressure washing
  • -Sidewalk pressure washing
  • -Interior tractor trailor cleaning

We provide quality
interior & Exterior
cleaning services

Our goal at Suffolk Cleaning Services is to not limit our valued customers by offering only a couple of services. Whether it is your home or business, there multiple areas that need to be managed when it comes to cleaning. Let us help streamline all of your needs for both interior and exterior cleaning including pressure washing and tractor trailer cleaning.


Benefits of
Specialty Cleaning Services

Hard Surface Floor Maintenance - Having your floor maintaned not only saves you money in the long run it helps providing a fantastic impression for either your guests or clients. It also helps avoid accidents along with improving sanitation.

Carpet Maintenance - When you have your carpets proffessionally cleaned, it extends the life of the material, makes it easier to manage stains, removes the dirt and bacteria including leaving no residues behind.

Tile Restoration - Ceiling tile cleaning is much more affordable than what you may think. Having it done on a regular basis eliminates stubborn dirt and stains, increased the life of the grout and decreases the time and effort in restoring them back to their orignal clean appeal.

Pressure Washing - Besides the curb appeal of your home, pressure washing saves serious time from elbow grease having it done on a annual basis. Not only is it easy on the environment it prevents damage to your home, primes the surface of your home and protects you and your family's health.

Tractor Trailer Cleaning - Preserving the interior of the trailer saves on unecessary cost. Especially when it comes to transporting food, it keeps the germs and bacteria from spreading. The grime build up can cause accidents including storing transportable goods in a safe manner.

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